Health & Wellness Coaching

A systematic approach to wellness that upholds the belief that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole. A positive coaching alliance where client and coach co-create a plan for lasting lifestyle change. In this process, the client is engaged in possibility thinking and held accountable to reach their goals. Please note, a minimum 3 month commitment is required.

Discovery sessions are complimentary and can be booked online.


   Holistic Self Care

Oncology Skin Support

A nurturing treatment combining holistic skin care and Reiki. This is a customized treatment to both promote relaxation and support the skin's barrier function, making it better able to withstand, and recover from, chemotherapy and radiation.

Skin Support session with Reiki
45-60 min $80

Package of three Skin Support sessions with Reiki, including a chemotherapy or radiation skin/body support starter kit

The Well Bee (not your average facial)

A customized facial treatment to achieve your perfect balance of results and relaxation. With ample massage, this is a treatment to nourish the skin & soul!
75 mins $90 / 60 mins $75

The Well Bee w/Reiki

A nurturing treatment combining holistic skin care and Reiki, a powerful hands-on healing art that promotes balance and healing on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. You will leave this restorative treatment glowing from the inside out.
90 mins $135

Teen Facial - Skin Bootcamp

A customized treatment to support teen skin concerns. Home skin care/ diet modifications will be covered at the conclusion of the treatment. Includes a complimentary product for home care.
60 mins $75

Special Add-ons

To any of the above.
Foot soak $20 or Scalp massage $10


Self care is health care!  Modern day lifestyle stressors have presented us with medical conditions that reflect changing times. Skin conditions that used to be rare have become the new normal.

The answer is a holistic, whole person approach. Our skin is a window to our wellness and in order to achieve results, the whole body must be considered. “De-coding” the messages sent by our skin is an integral part of  health and well- being. It is important to take the time to understand the role our lifestyle plays in our health and wellbeing. Taking the time to understand this correlation and identifying opportunities to weave wellness into our everyday living is imperative and empowering!

Our therapies are people and planet friendly. The Well Bee skin and body care therapies focus on promoting relaxation and supporting the skin’s ecosystem. Our products and services are designed to address inflammation linked to premature aging, rosacea, and acne as well as reactive skin conditions linked to autoimmunity and health challenges.

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