Slow IS better. Bravo!

The Slow Cosmétique movement is an international non profit association promoting a more responsible way to consume cosmetics.​

Our association wants to raise awareness amongst consumers about what we call “cosmetic brainwashing”. Therefore, we would like to communicate with people and organisations in order to point out how better cosmetics can be and how we could be more sensible to them.

Our work is framed around the following four essential values:

1) Cosmetics should be more “intelligent” :

cosmetics should only be formulated with active and healthy ingredients that really take care of the skin. To make it clearer : we don’t think silicones, synthetic or mineral oils are a good example of active and healthy ingredients 😉

2) Cosmetics should be more “ecological” :

we tend to believe that 100% natural formulas are better for our skin and our environment. Have you heard about the ecological impact of silicones in shampoos? And what do you think about tons of useless packaging and promotional material thrown away after each season? We support organic certified products, but also fair-trade products as well as home-made recipes.

3) Cosmetics should be more “sensible” :

Photoshop is so 80’s ! The Slow Cosmétique movement invites us to focus on our inner beauty and to take care of our skin without drastic changes. We want more transparent messages from cosmetic brands as well as a more transparent pricing.
And we don’t want to feel guilty about our skin or our hair after watching a commercial. We criticise marketing methods or advertising that can be misleading or unfair to consumers.

4) Cosmetics should be more “respectful” :

Mankind is a great community of individuals, each one being a jewel on its own. So are animals and plants. We condemn cosmetic products that are disrespectful of human beings, animals or plants.

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