Diffusers 101

are the only type of diffuser that actually saturate the air with
microfine, fully ionized droplets of essential oil. This action gives
you the maximum fragrance and therapeutic benefits from your
essential oils.

is a nebulizer?

nebulizer is a device that atomizes essential oil into micro fine
droplets which are then sprayed into the atmosphere. This action
atomizes and ionizes all molecules of the essential oil. You get
maximum therapeutic benefits and maximum fragrance. No other type of
diffuser can do this!

I diffuse anything in a nebulizer?

you cannot. Use only pure essential oils and never use oils that have
been mixed with vegetable oils or jojoba. Also, the oils should be
reasonably thin – more like water than syrup. The
blends we sell are specifically formulated for nebulizer use

(they can also be blended with oils etc and used for other purposes).

are nebulizers better?

reasons. First, the microscopic droplets produced by the nebulizer
stay suspended in the air for long periods of time and maximize the
aromatherapeutic effect of your oils. Second, when inhaled, these
very small droplets are considered the optimum size for deep
therapeutic action as they enter the bloodstream through the lungs.
Finally, the glass baffles act as vortex generators and ionize the
oil vapor as it leaves the nebulizer. Many practitioners believe this
ionic charge on the oil molecules is an important part of the
therapeutic process.

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