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Personal care products should be more “intelligent”

We believe personal care products should be formulated with active and healthy ingredients that support the skin. We don’t think silicones, synthetics, or mineral oils fit this description.

Personal care products should be more “ecological”

100% natural formulas are better for the ecology of the skin and the environment. The Well Bee supports 100% natural/certified organic, fair-trade, and DIY recipes.

Personal care products should be more “sensible”

Air brushing is sooo yesterday! The Well Bee focuses on inner beauty and promotes skin and body care that avoids drastic changes. We encourage “just saying no” to commercials and brands that make us feel guilty about our appearance.

Personal care products should be more “respectful”

All living creatures are valuable. We condemn products that are disrespectful to humans, animals, or plants.

The Well Bee is a little shop on a mission offering health and wellness coaching and holistic self- care treatments designed to support people and planet.

Bee Giving - a Good Karma Campaign

Every month The Well Bee randomly selects a nominee to receive a free 60 MINUTE Self Care Session.

Do you know a: top notch teacher? A compassionate care provider? An inspiring community volunteer? Someone who needs a lift?


“Kerry is highly professional and offers a great service. Her essential facial was exceptional. She is very knowledgeable about skincare and knew just what to do with my skin. It was the most relaxing facial I have experienced and my skin looked and felt great afterward and it still does! I would highly recommend a visit to see Kerry.”


The Well Bee space is incredibly peaceful & paired with Kerry's professional treatment capabilties, I was the lucky recipient of the BEST spa experience ever! I walked out feeling more relaxed than I thought possible, not to mention my skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Sharing the experience with my husband, who has an evening appointment next week!


“Wow. Just wow. I just had the most wonderful facial. Such a treat.


“Just had a facial and head massage and foot soak at the Well Bee today. Loved starting with a welcome cup of tea. Kerry really does give the best facial ever and my skin feels wonderful. Peaceful atmosphere and soft music added to a truly wonderful experience. Thanks Kerry, see you next week.”


“From a Well Bee client undergoing treatment for cancer: “For the first time,  (since being diagnosed with breast cancer)  I forgot.”


“One word.. RESTORATIVE!”


"I am a very lucky girl and I have had a lot of facials, that was the best one I have ever had!”